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Now that we have digitally captured your Special Day, one of the considerations to make is how you would like your images preserved for the years ahead and how to be able to share your storyboard with others.  One of the most convenient methods to share your Special Day is through a quality, custom designed, Photo Album.  


These Albums can truly be works of art and easily become a focal point in any room or your home,  When we design your Album, some considerations include: 

Physical Size

Whether it is an 10x10 or 12x12., the physical size of your Album is a matter of personal taste.  Our Albums come in a variety of sizes, including orientations in landscape mode, portrait mode, and square.  As photographs are taken in either landscape or portrait modes, the square layout fits either orientation equally well.  As such we recommend using a square format for your Album.  

Number of Pages

The number of pages selected can greatly affect the flow of your storyboard.  And, you don't want too few or too many. We design each layout with your approval as we show how your day progressed from beginning to end by incorporating a combination of both traditional and documentary-style photography.  As contracted, we cover the Pre-Ceremony activities of getting ready, the Ceremony, posed photographs after the Ceremony, and the fun times at the Reception.  As such, we have found Albums of 40-50 pages works well and can accommodate 50-70 of your favorite photographs. - depending to layout.

It is never a good idea to cram too many photographs into a single page.  Your quality Album will now become more of a scrap book.  In terms of displaying artwork,  less is more.  One of our techniques is to photograph select scenes with the intent to format the final image into a 2:1 ratio to provide a panoramic effect.  This works perfectly for the square album design and allows us to print a single image across two pages, (called a spread). On a 12x12 Album that means you will have a 12"x24" spread!  These large landscape images, when mixed into your storyboard, can look truly amazing!


Albums are meant to last a lifetime.  And, quality Albums can be a big investment.  As such, we offer two styles of Albums at differing price points - our Signature Album and our Premium Album.   The features of each are compared below and will be covered in detail at your Consultation where you will be presented with samples of each type.

eSurface paper - its traditional photo finish, lifelike color and realistic saturation

  • Boasts accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction, and great intensity and offers brighter blues, cyans, purples, and reds. 

  • Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage

  • Prints are adhered to a substrate with a slight flex, creating pages approximately 1/32” thick.


We also offer the option of material (canvas) covers as well as photographic covers, various page thickness, paper surface and more.

Included Album

Albums are now optional add-ons for $350 ($300 production + $50 design)

Companion Albums

"Companion Albums", in sizes equal to or smaller than your album, is available for parents.  Our Signature Albums in 5x5, 40-pages, leather start as low as $99.

Our standard Album cover includes bonded leather in your choice of four color options, (Black, Espresso, Gray and White) plus 8 Faux leather options.  

Our  Premium Album cover comes in  your choice of ten rich Italian leather offerings plus four that are distressed leather.  

Distressed leather includes: Timber, Onyx, Terra and Sahara.

Ready to add a foil stamp of your name and date of your Special Day.


(Note: Foil stamps are not available on the distressed leather.)

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