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Print & Editing Pricing

About Print Formats

Modern 35mm digital cameras capture images in a 2x3 ratio which yield print sizes that are 4x6, 6x9, 12x18, 16x24, etc.  Standard "snap shots" are 4x6, however photographs for desktop display are more commonly found in 5x7 and 8x10 frame sizes.  Wall prints are often displayed in 11x14, and 16x20 sizes - all of which are in a different ratio than 2x3 ratio they were created from.  And, when cropped, may result in some image loss. We carefully review each image before printing and will try our best to provide the requested print size with minimal image loss.

Basic Touch-ups

All images receive individual adjustments for color, exposure, cropping, highlight/shadow, lens distortion correction, white balance, noise reduction, sharpening and minor touch-ups.

We offer so much more than just basic touch-ups!


Glamour Touch-ups

As an optional service, selected images will be individually touched-up for skin blemishes/smoothing, glare, eye clarity, teeth whitening, vignette and more.  12.50/image.

The Artist Touch Collection

As an optional service, selected images will be individually edited to enhance their overall appearance in post-processing.  The "artist" will add sun effects, light beams, lighting enhancements, tone, vignette, dynamic contrast, and other special effects that will add, not take away, from the image.  Our options include:


Back-t0-Nature:  Add sun, sun rays, and other effects to enhance the image without looking forced.  



Creative Lighting: Add special lighting effects to compliment the subject,  This can be from subtle to dramatic - depending on the desired look.  


Nova: To set your photograph apart from the ordinary, we use  special techniques to give your image the look of  contemporary art work.  Your photo will truly become a focus of attention when displayed.  This option looks great on canvas or when framed and matted.  Great for newborns, brides and children's portraits.















About Printing

All prints, up to and including 16x24, are custom printed in-house using archival ink on museum quality paper that offers all of the rich tonality, depth, and feel of a traditional darkroom print. The heavy paper stock has a lightly textured surface, which adds depth and an elegant reflectivity to the finished print. It has a pleasant warm tone that adds natural richness to portraits.

About Matting

Matting a photograph serves two purposes.  The first is to give your print a 'finished' look. The second, and most importantly, is to keep the image away from the frame's glass.  Any condensation that might develop on the inside of the glass can be transferred to your art causing water damage, mold or mildew. The surface of photographs is particularly easy to damage.   We suggest when having your new print framed, have it matted as well.

Digital Delivery

We can provide up to 500 hi-resolution digital images on a custom USB drive with room for a 17 minute highlight video.  Only available with Silver and Gold Packages.  

Add $35 to your total package cost.

Sample Print Pricing




Glamour Touch-Ups


Creative Lighting


Other Collections and Sizes are Available.
Slide Shows / Highlight Video

Albums can be huge decision in terms of cost versus budget.  As such, we offer two styles of quality Albums at different price points as provided below.  

The State of Maryland does not require a formal Model Release.  

Model Release
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