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It's all about you, the couple...

Your wedding is all about you as a couple and our goal is to tell your story through photography while providing an experience as trouble-free as possible that will allow you to concentrate on having the best day of your life.  And, it all starts with free, no obligation, consultations where you will meet  to discuss your vision.


Our photographers have learned that, in addition to the more traditional posed moments at weddings, it is those special moments that are not planned that become the ones that are the most cherished.  As such, our team will document your day so you and your family can remember everything that happened on your once-in-a-lifetime day for years to come.

Our images tell a story, your story, through photography.  Truly, a picture can be worth a thousand words.

Free Consultations

We provide several Free Consultation session which provide the opportunity to discuss your vision for the big day, expectations of the photographer(s), the identification of any special guests and a chance to answer any questions you may have.

During our meeting we will cover a number of key points and present some ideas for your consideration so when the big day comes - we will be prepared and you can focus your time on you.

Consultations are held around your schedule and location -  starting with either email/phone call.  This first meeting allows us to get to know each other and to discuss dates.  We can then 'pencil' in your date and discuss any engagement photos you may be considering.

Prices start from $1295 - 2 photographers.

2024 All-Inclusive Collection

Don't need 8 hours of coverage?  Our basic pricing starts as low as $1295 for 4 hour wedding-day coverage (Ceremony & Reception) with  two photographers.  This collection is designed for those with a very limited budget but still want quality photographs..

 (We do not offer this collection during the month of October.

Our all-inclusive Collectionand now includes our most asked for options:  an Engagement Session with posing tips, 2 lead photographers for up to 8 hours at a single venue - one male and one female, Our female lead photographer will be dedicated in part to bride preparation.  And, we can custom tailor a collection to fit your unique needs.  Just ask.


John Soule Wedding Photography

Our All-Inclusive Collection

Single venue

Up to 8 hours of coverage,

2 photographers (male and female) 

Up to 150 guests

Custom Edits

Engagement Session with Posing Training 

Free Consultations

Multiple camera angles on Special Day Events

All posted images edited

Group Shot at Reception

Spotlight Dance at Reception

Password Protected Gallery of your Digital

Images in Low and Print Ready Resolutions

Logo removed on downloaded Images

Copyright-free license to each of your images

Custom Wedding Album Now Optional

Flexible Payments through PayPal

Discounted Video Option

Customized features as needed

No extra travel fees - up to 90 miles from Hanover, MD

Budget Friendly.


Customize your Collection with these Optional Services

Add videography (Short Movie plus Trailer)

Add a Venue ($100)

Add a photographer

Add Time

Add a Private Bridal Session for up to 2 hours

Add a Sparkler Exit (24 sparklers)

Add a custom Black Label Album (10"x10")


And there are no extra travel fees - up to 90 miles from Hanover, MD,  

beyond 90 miles pricing will vary

The majority of our booked services are actually a combination of  more than one option tailored to your unique needs.  After we understand the resources needed, we will create a Collection just for you.

Our base Collection starts at $1295 for 4 hours of  coverage with two photographer at 1 venue.

 Additional time is $150/hour.  Additional venues are $50/each. 

We do not offer our Digital Collection during the month of October.

Our Process

We will meet twice before the big day plus visit the venue.  We will also attend your Rehearsal to take test shots, record a few special moments and meet your bridal party and event planner to provide a tips for your Special Day.


On the Wedding Day, we arrive at least 30 minutes early to make our preparations and do a final equipment check.  Depending on the package, we will start taking detailed shots where possible and begin setting up studio lighting.


Signature Edits - in addition to our standard edits and optional Glamour Edits, we now also offer Signature Edits that can elevate your photograph to art.  We start with special a setup, use creative lighting, then apply a touch of special post processing to truly make your image stand apart.  Pricing varies and will take additional time for creating the photograph as well as to apply special post processing techniques.

The Finished Products - Optional Album

We know you will be anxious to see your photographs, so within the first week we start the editing process and email you some teasers that you can post to social media.  In reality, there could be over 2000 images for us to go through, and it takes time to choose those for the final selection.  Your images will then be posted to a Private Folder on our website at, for your review/download.  The photographs will be divided by the various stages of the day, Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Posed, Reception, (and First Look if applicable).  You will receive access to download each of the posted images - both in Social Media format (1920 pixels by 72dpi) ad well as in hi-resolution (300dpi) for your own printing if so desired.    


Once your final selections are made, we will process any optional custom print package you have selected and start on your Album (if applicable).  Please allow 2-4 weeks for Final images to be posted and two additional weeks for receipt of your Album.

We can also offer Video Slideshows and Video Footage of the various events.

Client Room


Visit us in our new Client Room dedicated to you.  Meet some of our team members and review prints, acrylics, metal, canvas and samples of albums from real weddings.  We will listen to your story and hear your vision for your Special Day.  And, we will have a chance to go over any details that are important to you.


We will explain our process and provide you with some suggestions for the amount of time to budget for photography.  We will provide you with a sample timeline and shot list.  And, we will go over each of our Collections in detail or create one just for you and your vision.


Hours by Appointment only. - Now offering Video Conferencing Option.


Offering Video 


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