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Our Process - What Makes Us Unique

There are several components to taking a photograph and being able to offer award-winning photographic services.  How those components are addressed is how we as professional photographers elevate our images above snapshots and maintain a 5 star rating with our clients.

The Subject

For any photograph, the subject is really what it is all about.  And knowing what that subject should be can make or break a photograph.  Event photography can be quite different from landscape photography or a posed portrait session.  Events involving people can create a dynamically changing environment and a photographer's response to isolating a subject can be quite demanding.   Our photographers are trained to identify subjects of interest so their photographs can tell a story.  We look for the planned and the unplanned moments that will add interest as often as possible and strive to bring our subjects to life.

The Photographer

A photographer's real-world experiences play an intricate role in terms of knowing both classic art as well as knowing how to respond to demanding environments that are constantly changing and how to react accordingly.  


Our photographers have experience in both classic studio, nature and real-world photojournalism.  We use this combined talent to capture both the planned and unplanned activities at events as seen though the eye of an artist.  This blend of talent helps enhance the level of detail we can apply when creating your Wedding Day storyboard.

Tools of the Trade

Our team uses some of the finest equipment available in the industry. We use only full-frame cameras from Nikon and Canon and utilize high-quality optics and lighting.  


We provide portable on and off-camera flash units as well as studio strobes as needed to create special lighting effects.  "We bring the sun with us."


You can be assured that our team will bring the right high-end products for our assignments to enhance the quality of our images.

Post Processing - editing by professionals

Our advanced knowledge in the post-production (crop, re-touch, color, tone, light balance, etc) is used to elevate our photographs.  Using the most current  editing technology, we have had countless hours applying enhancements to images that make them truly stand apart.


In addition to our standard post-production edits that we perform on all client images, we also offer two custom options:  Glamour Touch-up and The Artist Touch.

Glamour Touch-up

With our Glamour Touch-up option, we use the same type of professional software that is used for many "cover-girl" shots.  


We look at hair, eyes, lips, teeth, cheeks, blemishes, coloring and more to elevate the photo without making it look "touched-up".  Our editing goes far beyond the typical "photoshop" touch-ups and basic editing.

The Artist's Touch

With The Artist's Touch option, special editing software and techniques are used to enhance a photograph without adding a "forced" look.  We can add special effects - such as adding the sun, sun rays,  a touch of vignette or a dynamic contrast boost to  bring out the beauty of the moment and elevate your photograph to a new level.  And,  we can provide special edits to create a contemporary work of art from your image. The choice is yours.

Back to Nature - in this option we add a sun, sun rays or other effects to enhance your photo and to compliment you.

Creative Lighting  - in this option, we use special post-processing software to enhance lighting effects to make you the star.  These effects can be from subtle to quite dramatic.

Nova - in this creative option, we use special software to make your image truly a work of art and to stand out as a focal point in any room.  Looks great on canvas or when the photograph is framed and matted.

These optional service is considered on a case-by-case basis from images for which the photographer feels specific edits can be best applied.  


Communications is very important to us and to the success of our assignment.  We want to be sure we are always on the same page in terms of meeting client expectations and visions for our services.  We provide several custom questionnaires before all assignments that we address at our consultations to ensure we have all the information we need.  We maintain communications by phone or email to update our clients as we get closer to the date of coverage and stay in contact with venue managers and wedding planners.

Attention to Detail

Our team is very detail-oriented, verging on the side of OCD.  Utilizing a unique in-house developed cloud-based database application, we maintain our records from the information we collect at each consultation to ensure everything is fully documented and nothing is missed.  Before an event, we coordinate with the venue manager or wedding planner and create a timeline that we discuss with our clients well in advance of our assignment. Members from our team will visit the venue for reconnaissance and to take test shots at least two weeks in advance of any assignment.​  If there is a rehearsal, we will be there if possible.

We select all equipment for each unique assignment as needed at least one week before the event and print out a checklist to ensure we are on task with what is needed when on location.


All photographic equipment has on-location backup, including dual camera bodies and lighting units.  All images are captured onto two memory cards, a primary and a backup.   Client images are stored on a secure file server that is backed up both locally and on the Cloud.  


Most events we cover, such as weddings, are a once-in-a-lifetime event and we want to ensure images are captured and image loss is not an option.

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