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Professional Backdrops

We offer a variety of backdrops in both full-length and portable sizes.  And, we continue to add to our collection on a regular basis.

The majority of our backdrops are made of a high-quality, hand-painted muslin - some of which are reversible. 

Our full-length backdrops range in lengths from 12 feet to 20 feet.  The 20 foot  versions can be used for groups for up to 10 people positioned in two to three rows.  These backdrops are 9-10 feet wide, and with the stand legs, require 12 feet of overall clearance.  For setup, we need a space that is 12 feet wide and 15 feet deep - which often means an event hall.

Portable backdrops are used for torso and head shots of 1 to 3 people.  For setup, we need the width of the backdrop (5-8 feet) and at least 10 feet from the photographer to the subject.   Setup can often be done in one's home.

It should be noted that the backdrop will have a variance in color the further it is from the light source. We meter on our subjects rather than the backdrop itself and as such, backdrops can appear darker after processing unless we light them up separately.

Portable Backdrop 

Full-length Backdrop

Portable Backdrop (5x7)

Full Length Backdrop (10x20)

Sample Full-length Backdrops

Grey/Silver - one sided,

9.5' x 20'

White/Cream/Tan- one sided,

10' x 20'

Pinks/Rose/Green - Dual sided

9.5' x 11.5'

Greens/Purple - Dual sided

9.5' x 11.5'

Sample Portable Backdrops

Black -  Available Full and Portable

10' x 12' / 10' x 20' 

White -  Available Full and Portable

10' x 12' / 10' x 20'

Background may appear grey if additionally lighting is not added.

Urban Wall  - Dual sided

5' x 7' 

Urban fence  - Dual sided

5' x 7'

Grey - Single sided

6' x 7'

Camel - Dual sided

5' x 6'

Brown - Dual sided

5' x 6'

Blues (multiple shades) - Dual sided

5' x 7'

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