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Lessons Learned

Areas to improve

  • Shoot wide - allow for crop. - Allow space above and below a person for crop factor.

  • Always take more than one shot when people are involved.

  • Have people look at who is taking key photo.

  • Be aware of background objects -including on the sides of the subject -  move PoV or unwanted objects out of frame.

  • Where possible, keep people on same plane and use f/3.5-5.6 to decrease DOF.

  • Be aware of objects in front of lens - i.e., chords, fingers, etc.

  • Be aware of other photographer's location.  Choose another POV if necessary.

  • Be aware of soft-box positions and mirror locations for unwanted reflections.

  • Carry multiple batteries for all flash/strobes.

  • Check batteries hourly and replace as necessary.

  • Keep ISO below 1200 and shutter speed above 1/100 - 1/250.

  • Keep distance at a minimum between the heads of subjects - i.e., get  heads to remove gap (bench / children)

  • Meter hot spots when outdoors (if necessary use spot metering).

  • Bungee chord for cart.

  • Setup Snoot on Stand for ad-hoc portraits.  (Leave off until needed)

  • Create sign to point requesting subjects look at camera.

  • Add 2nd Equipment Checklist for packing up

  • Carry black cloth to cover equipment when being stored

  • Use gray card more often

  • Verify background props (i.e. candles / photos) are facing the camera

  • Research leaving marketing materials.

  • Groomsmen shirt cuffs, jackets, etc checked

  • Check subjects close to each other - look for stretched out hands which may be out of frame

  • Review positions of posed, fun shots so not everyone is doing the same.

  • Add more variety of posed shots - formal and fun

  • Add more shallow DoF shots - use telephoto more (70-200)

  • Research Flash failures


What worked well

  • Communications with Client

  • Fun Poses

  • Planning (timeline) / scoping locations / pre-shoot

  • Being early for setup / testing equipment

  • Equipment Checklist

  • Verify focus - use loop

  • Dual photographers - ability to cover different locations

  • Assistant / lighting, gray card, reflector, etc.

  • Multiple camera positions - overall coverage

  • LED lighting boost

  • Reflector / Defuser

  • Walkie-Talkie

  • Ladder

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