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Choosing an Engagement Session Location

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Engagement sessions are an ideal way for you to see how well you and your photographer will work together. They are also great for you andc

Engagement sessions are an ideal way for you to see how well you and your photographer will work together. They are also great for you and your soon-to-be spouse to practice perfecting your poses for your Special Day portraits. But where would be good location for your Engagement Session?

1. Choose a Place That Fits You as a Couple

Do you have a favorite location? Go there. Do you spend most of your evenings enjoying a glass of wine at home? Set up a session at home. How about the location of your proposal? Or, you may want to consider incorporating some local scenery as part of your theme, such as water, the countryside or popular landmarks. How about a cityscape in the background?

The location of your Engagement Session should be one you are comfortable in and represent you both. You can dress simple or dress more glamorous. The style you wish to portray is up to you – and the location can complement or provide an interesting contrast with what you are wearing. It is all about your style. The location can be any place that will allow you two to act naturally and tell your story.

2. Take the Sun Into Consideration.

If you are choosing a location because of the sunset or sunrise, you will need to schedule your time accordingly. The sun is brightest between 10am 2pm – times you should avoid as the sun can be harsh and not complimentary. You will also want to take into consideration the season as well as the sun rises later and ends earlier in colder months. If you will be shooting at multiple locations, you want to account for travel time between each. And, if a sunset or sunrise backdrop is to be part of your plan, you will need to keep your locations somewhat close together.

3. Consider the Visuals and Background

Whether you are going for a rustic or urban look, think about some locations that have interesting backgrounds. Find some interesting architecture or brick walls for an urban feel or fields and trails for a more urban and country feel. Try not to choose a location and time that may have a lot of visitors as this can result in unwanted people in the background.

4. Look to your photographer for guidance

If you are at a total loss for a location, speak with us – we can offer suggestions and provide examples as how we can take some simple locations and have them work in multiple ways and create different looks.

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