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The Storyboard Album

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

When couples have their Wedding Album designed, it is often for one of two reasons: to have a collection of favorite images (often random and not related); or, more traditionally, to tell their story. The later, "Storyboard" approach, allows the viewer to "experience" the couple's very Special Day in the order that the events occurred. The goal is to present their story as if were being recreated, step-by-step. To accomplish this, our approach is to first group the day's events as:

  • Pre-Ceremony (the Bride and Groom getting ready, may include portraits);

  • First Look (with the Groom or Bride's Dad);

  • Ceremony;

  • Post Ceremony Portraits (Family, Bridal Party, Bride and Groom); and

  • Cocktail Hour / Reception

A 40-page Album will generally hold 50-80 images, depending on the layout. However, designers will often take one image and spread it across two pages -creating a striking impact to the viewer.

As such, when you first open the Album, you will have one image 20" x 10" (assuming a 10x10 Album) - which is really quite dramatic. And when you end the Album, again one 20"x10" image. (Often used for group shots). These are often viewed with a response of "wow".

.However, the more single images selected like this to spawn two pages, the less space you will have for other images later . And, at the other extreme, it is not ascetically pleasing to cram a lot of images onto a single page in scrape-book style just to get them included. There is a need for balance.

We have found a good flow for a story-board is to take the recommended number of 80 images, and apply them in our categories:

  • 15 images Pre-Ceremony

  • 20 images Ceremony

  • 15 images Post Ceremony Portraits

  • 30 images Cocktail Hour / Reception

If there is a First Look, we would suggest reducing the number from each of the other categories to allow for at least 6-10 images for a nice First Look collection.

We suggest you then select your favorite images from each group - keeping in mind the storyboard flow. There should be continuity throughout - which is where the designer can assist. You want the flow to make sense.

Once the storyboard is laid out, the designer will then apply some craftsmanship with the placement of each image.

The Wedding Album is often considered a couple's First Family Heirloom. And, as such, the more thought put into its design, the happier you will be later.


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