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Time Considerations

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

A guide to help you allow enough time for the photographer to preserve your Special Day.

When your start creating your Wedding Day Timeline, consider the amount of time needed by the photographer. The photographer may need to prep the environment, set up lighting and other equipment and gather the subjects to be photographed - whether it is people or objects. Over the years, we have found following times may be used as a guide:


Shooting starts after makeup is near completion

  • 60 minutes          Bridal Prep

  • 30 minutes          Bridesmaids / Groomsmen

  • 10 minutes          Ceremony details (reception details if at the same venue)

First Look (if applicable)

Need to end early enough so as to not have guests in area - generally end 45 minutes prior to Ceremony start time.

  • 30 minutes Bride & Groom

  • 20 minutes Bridal Party


  • 10 minutes          Ceremony details

Post Ceremony

Allow additional time to walk to multiple locations. And, you will need to allow enough time to return to the reception area for your Grand Entrance.

  • 20 minutes Bride & Groom

  • 10 minutes Family photos

  • 15 minutes Bridal Party (if not taken earlier)

  • 15 minutes Reception details (generally done prior to Cocktail Hour)

When developing your Wedding Day Timeline, it is important to have the Wedding Planner (which may just be you) coordinate with your photographer. It is very important to ensure adequate time for photography is considered from the beginning.

Planning will go a long way when your Special Day comes. And you will be glad you did.

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