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Why You Need Two Photographers At Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

No matter how good the photographer - they cannot be in two places at once. And unlike other forms of photography, wedding photography requires multiple angles to create a smooth flow when creating your storyboard and to ensure we have captured key moments of your Special Day. Having two photographers also means multiple points of view - both physically and mentally. That is, we can capture multiple angles plus incorporate a blend of different photographic styles as we develop your storyboard. This is why each of our Wedding Collections for 2019 includes two photographers.

Bride/Groom Getting Ready

Often our time becomes limited as the bride/groom get ready for the ceremony. (Well, for the Bride at least). For our process, we assign one female lead photographer to cover the bride while the lead male photographer covers the groom. We find that quite often, brides prefer a female in the room with her as she is getting prepared. Once the bride is dressed, a lead male photographer will take additional photographs. This process allows time for each photographer to capture special moments and wanted details without being under undue pressure. It also means our photographers can take time for capturing special photographs, be creative and have fun.

First Look

If you decide to break tradition and go with a First Look, one photographer can be set up to take distance shots as the bride walks towards the groom while the other photographer can take closeup shots from various angles to capture this special moment.


Our process allows one photographer to stay in the back of the venue to photograph

the Bride as she walks down the aisle.

The photographer can capture both the Bride's flowing gown from behind as well as take wide shots of the venue itself showing the rows of guests. The other photographer is then able to concentrate on each member of the bridal party as they come down the aisle and capture the expression on the Groom's face as his future Bride makes her appearance.


During a reception, in addition to photographs taken of the bride and groom and guests, each photographer is free to position themselves at strategic locations - which often includes being on a ladder to gain the best coverage of the venue.

This also allows one photographer the ability to capture an event (such as the Bride and Groom dancing) while the other photographer is able to photograph guest reactions without missing that special kiss or dip by the groom.

In order for us to provide you with the best experience and coverage that we can offer, we always recommend having two professional photographers capture your once-in-a-lifetime event.

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